Our Network

Our Consulting Network of business consulting firms is located throughout developed and emerging markets in over 60 countries. Whether you are seeking international partnerships, export sales, expansion to new markets, or open innovation opportunities, Global Strategy offers the expertise you need to connect with lucrative opportunities and increase your bottom line.


Open Innovation Consulting

-Develop strategies for systematically exploring external resources, knowledge and capabilities.

-Navigate relationships with companies, entrepreneurs, research centers, labs and governments.

-License or acquire new technologies, products, inventions and companies.

Market Development

-Evaluate international markets with the best business potential and lowest barriers to entry.

-Formulate and implement effective market entry, partnering, and sales strategies.

-Execute successful and long‐term strategies to enter international markets.

Business Intelligence and Market Research

-Benefit from actionable information on market size, segments, trends, and distribution channels.

-Analyze targeted research on innovation opportunities, disruptive technologies and competitors.

-Access under the radar opportunities and empower your business with first mover advantage


Specialties: Developing necessary tools and systems to implement improvements, whether technical, operational, financial, business, administrative, or legal.